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Tarjeta Sellable

The sealable card will solve, in an economically and quickly, the possibility of ID card personalization for their customers.
By an adhesive, card format, you can compact the information provided externally (data paper, photography, etc..) As support on the same card. This will avoid having to purchase special printers or order (24 hours) personalization with customer data.

Today just have an event, and the printer so you can print all the cards with personal data of customers or attendees have gone wrong. Unfortunately, that again have the opportunity to have a card with all your customer data to a printer takes 24 hours a day practically. Do not despair, there is now a more effective solution for when you have these problems: sealable cards. Sealable cards besides solucionarte this problem, they do so quickly all the cards, and not have to wait a day for the cards of the attendees come away with all your data.

This card sealable you instantly solves everything because by an adhesive, card format, it can compact all the information of the participants or customers. All this is achieved by supplying it externally but more incredible is that as you have the card holder, you understand with a paper with data, photograph, the number of the wizard, among other things that can go on a card of admission to an event, a sports club or elsewhere. Many people prefer to use these cards sealable, not having to purchase the printers, also because they are a day and you earn a considerable time, there is another effective point: it is affordable. While a card printer so it costs relatively cheap, sealable card is not and will cost from € 0.12 to 0.08 depending on what you want.

Sealable cards are used by many companies for their employers for entry to work. Especially if it is a medium or small business, as it has too many employers, and all know each other.

The fact how fast you can do that leads to more effective personalization of the cards from customers, employers, partners, among others, because if something goes wrong with the printer referred to this, partners or clients ask you renew your card as something that is on the card is wrong. There are customers who will accept you to tarry a week, at the latest, but others claim that the card had to leave spotless, and not without reason. Therefore, we recommend sealable cards so you can be more relaxed to some event in your business or your club.

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