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tarjetaconvertibletarjetaconvertibleSe is a card on which there have been a series of pre-cuts or punched full in order to obtain her specific applications.

There are cards of all kinds. But there is a special card that is used to move things or be aware of your pet, so you will have no such problem in knowing if your pet or objects made it safely to your destination.

Convertible cards, such as the name becomes, but what can turn a card, as in splits in half in two. Primarily, the cards have a convertible so you can crop and trim you faster access to this card.

These two parts are divided, on both sides of the card is the bar code. In a cut portion of the convertible card can be used to put on some object or animal to be your pet, and the other part is the same bar code you load it. This helps you know where your stuff or your pet. For example, if your pet is very naughty and you are always controlling her, you put this card as a necklace so you know where it has gone as there are animals that like to walk when they leave, but unfortunately do not know the way to retronó home, in addition to this the you can control and you can not go anywhere.

On the other hand, too, are convertible cards are used to send an object to a friend who is far from your city. When you send will be passed through the system, then paste it into the box of the object part of the convertible card and so will have no problem or worry about whether or not the box it will come with this card convertible, you'll know when it is coming or is already underway.

Even to those who love plants can use this card convertible. Many times people who leave their plants outside his home, are moved by others and when they leave is no longer in the same place where you put it. Other pedestrians that pass by the place you want to bring the plant. But because you have your card convertible, then you can locate where your plant and you may even meet someone who is carrying. The cards are being widely used convertible lately, especially to control the objects that come to another destination, and to control the passage of our animals. You could say that this card is very effective, many will recommend it.

For example ...

Convertible card barcode control: Take a single die and a pre-cut to halve the card. One of the cuttings have customized flat or thermal print a bar code and die, with this piece that may be accompanied by a split pin or safety strap the product to control such an animal, a plant, a shipping box, etc ... The other cut piece contains the same bar code and used to keep track of the product was tested and is in storage, transportation, etc..







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