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tarjeta chip contactochip card contactoEs a plastic card, printed with a white or embedded chip.

It has an external contact that lets you communicate with a terminal and access the information or record a new one. The chip stores information with all kinds of data: purse, restrooms, vending, loyalty, confidential data, banking, personal, student card, prepaid phone, industrial control ...

It has greater capacity than the magnetic stripe information.

This information is incorporated into the card has its own autonomy.

It can transmit data at any terminal read / write.


  • Microprocessed: incorporate microprocessor with an operating system, file structure and security for the card.
  • MEMORY (up to 128 Kb) recorded via device read / write, may be open access or private.

There are different types of chip:

  • SLE 4404
  • SLE 4406
  • SLE 4442 (256 bytes)
  • SLE 4428 (1 Kb)
  • SLE 4436 (bit cuenta atrás)
  • SLE 5542
  • ACOS1 (micro-procesada 8K EEPROM)
  • EMV (nuevo estándar bancario)
  • WG10 micro-procesada (2 Kb, 8 Kb y 16 Kb)
  • SIEMENS OS 32K (firma digital certificadas ITSEC lev. 4)
  • SETEC 32K (Setec SETCOS 4.4.1)
  • STARCOS 32K (STAR COS SPK 2.3 – para certificados)
  • SWIPE : incorporates magnetic stripe.

Many people always wonder why the contact chip cards are more effective, and because they are being increasingly used. It's simple, are safer today thanks to the technological world in which we live. The chip is placed on a plastic card or paper towels. This chip has the ability to make contact with outer notified that allow a terminal and access to information.

The interesting thing about this card with contact chip is what you can achieve with it. Among the many things for too many things to store several confidential data. Whenever we are afraid that might happen to our bank, for example, you never know and we must be prepared for these avatars. However, the smart card stores this data so you do not lose your data confidential.

You can also store your personal data when needed and use less unexpected when you think. Sometimes we forget our identifications but this card with chip because it uses your personal information you can use it as a personal reference so you can get over this hurdle. You could say that the contact chip card is a card mini, because in addition to storing the data bank and is also feasible to store personal respect your university card, if you attend an exhibition or a play where there are discounts college students and with this contact chip card can prove you're a student.

Many users are used to this contact chip card, use it up as a cash card, charge less for tickets. One of the advantages of the chip card on the magnetic strip is that it has greater information capacity and is noticeable after the above. Chip cards have two types of contact. The microprocessed, which serve to maintain the security of information. And the Memory that can reach up to 128 kb, and has free access and private, also is recorded only by a reading device. The contact chip cards are highly variable, so we have different types of chip depending on how the'll use, or how you can use the project viable. The good news is that this card is small and you can use it for what best you see fit.

The selection of the chip depends on the project to be performed.

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