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transporteCurrently, public transport cards are an increasingly popular respect in our day to day. And the implementation of RFID cards in order to provide convenience to the user in changing transport using the same card for payment. Usually it incorporates citizen card or credit payment system to transport the city or region.

In Spain, still smart card implementations in the transport system. Normally the citizen card is used to pay for travel in urban transportation district.

Quarely cards provides a printing system PVC sheets, which are then laminated and die-cut, together with PVC sheets incorporating the chip and antenna, which makes the card is a contactless RFID card.

RF technology is used for this project is the sin contacto standard. This is the technology of contactless smart cards more widely installed in the world. Typical reading distance is approximately 10 cm, depending on the power of the reader module, readers exist major and minor extent.

antenaWho has not wanted to always use public transport cards, as they are in demand in the market for obvious reasons like traveling in the minibus or train. In addition, these cards are the new technology in regard to transportation in this period, where loaded money to pay such traffic is almost a waste of time. So now there public transportation cards that can use it simply enter any public transport service, without having problems that you may drop the ticket or even lose your wallet.

Today in Spain, it puts the citizen card payment system or credit to the transport of the city or region. These travel cards made from PVC, used in the citizen card and pays for the trip the trip in the local transport network. But look what's new offers Quaronline card for public transport, is offering these cards with a printing system that is pvc sheet for the better performance of your public transportation card and was not hurt at any time. These graces that are rolled and stamped, you install a chip. This will become a contactless RFID card.

So with this new public transportation card, you will feel more confident to charge this card is unique, and technology is radio frequency used. The project is the standard Mirafare. Queraly who knows the technology last hand, has made these contactless smart cards are those that are recognized worldwide. And if you want to know distances, then this new technology public transport card has a reading distance of 10 centimeters, which is more typical in these technologies. Equally, this may vary by the power module reader, however, this card has all the technology to achieve greater and less readers range.

Quaronline gives you this convenience with the new public transportation card. Thanks to the processes we have, and offer the most varied applied science in the world to give you the best. We have much more to offer. Quarely want to propose in regard to public transport cards variety and always the latest technology.

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