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What is ISO 9000?

In 1987, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO acronym in English) based in Genoa published a series of international standards ISO 9000 to serve as the basis for the system of quality management. He is a descendant of the British standard BS-5750. Since the original publication, the standards were revised in 1994 and 2000.

The ISO 9000 certificate is awarded by accredited organizations called certification, which review the quality manual and procedures of the company to ensure compliance with the applicable standard requirements, and audit processes to ensure that systems are implemented effectively documented . Once certification is granted, the certifier carried out surveillance audits once or twice a year to ensure the system continues to be implemented and meets the requirements of the applicable standard.

ISO 9000, which brings together a proposal for total quality management with a methodology of documentation to create an internal audit system is also the first attempt to create an international standard of quality assurance covering all industries and the service sector.

The so-called ISO 9000 standard is currently understood by a series of standards.

The standards published on December 15, 2000 are:
Systems ISO 9000:2005 Quality Management - Fundamentals and Vocabulary
Systems ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management - Requirements
ISO 9004:2009 Systems for Quality Management - Guidelines for Performance Improvement
ISO 9000:2005 describes essential concepts and proposals to the ISO 9000:2000 and provides definitions for the vocabulary. ISO 9000 is not a specification, however, is named in ISO 9001 as a normative reference and thus can be used by auditors to support its interpretation of the requirements of ISO 9001, particularly with reference to the vocabulary.
ISO 9001:2008 is the current requirements for the system of quality management. Your requirements define the criteria for quality system. The role of this standard in the series has not changed, but the content and organization are checked thoroughly. ISO 9004:2009 describes a quality system that goes beyond the basic requirements specified in ISO 9001. It is intended as a guide for organizations that want to expand and further improve the quality system after implementing the ISO 9001 (ie under the phases after certification). ISO 9004 is not a requirement and should not be used by third party auditors for audits of registration.

Why are standards important?

Many companies require their suppliers to be certified under the ISO 9000 and because of this, certified companies find that their market opportunities have increased. In addition, the company's compliance with the ISO 9000 standard says it has a solid quality assurance. Certified companies have had dramatic reductions in customer complaints, significant reductions in operating costs and increased demand for its products and services.

What is a quality system to ISO 9001?

A quality system to ISO 9001 standard meets the requirements of ISO 9001 but has not been formally assessed and certified by a third party certifier. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a quality system to ISO 9001 without going through the expense normally associated with certification. You'll be in a position to certify when they require.

Benefits of Compliance to ISO 9001

The following are some of the many benefits that companies report they have gained in implementing quality systems ISO 9000:

Better control of operations
Improved quality of service to its customers with assurance
A comprehensive quality system and formal
Increased employee feedback in the decision making process
Improved ability to follow the procedures
Increased ability to determine the root cause of errors
An excellent marketing tool

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