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There are printers for all types of businesses or even some people who simply need a printer for your home because work there. For those cases, the Quantum is ideal as it can be used both in a big company like a house, because this printer gives you the great option to customize your cards as you want. Can not miss with any Quantum also has enviable features will be explained in the following paragraphs and in the end you will take the right decision when choosing a printer, because the Quantum love, and know it can be your favorite.





The Quantum has a flexibility that any printer is like, you can encode your cards in person by the same user, so that gives you the option to do it manually, what other printers do not offer you can do it manually, as many users prefer to do their encodings depending on their interests. The good thing is that Quantum offers this process and also contains help for the user to not feel lost with any questions.






Another feature that has surprised users is the ability to have the quantum yield. About a thousand cards in an hour! These cards must be monochromatic, but the procedure is very fast. For cards in color, it will take the same time but with 150 cards, since the procedure is different, but it is still fast. Many printers do this procedure but was left with the impression in the middle of the road or have to waste other cards that can be used for other impressions. Quantum however with the process of printing the card is full.







Every time one goes looking for a printer, you always want the printer can be easy to use, and require cumbersome procedures or from installation to maintenance, it require a technician is not saving everything invested in the printer . That's why Quantum has this great feature, because its production has been precisely designed with the user, that is, there will be no problem when you want to manipulate, even to access the component cleanliness is so fast and effective that you surprised as the Quantum is as accurate and how fast it can be to a tape and PVC plastic cards.


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