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Green cards as their name implies are cards made from recycling to protect the environment in which we live, and will become increasingly polluted. Although many attempts have been making cards with plastic green wood, has never been able to reach the level of the famous green cards or Ecocards.


The Ecocards are made mostly of recycled material or recycled PET, which is a bioplastic composed of renewable materials, this material does not need special technology to compose himself.

For the manufacture of Ecocards, PET bottles are used to lead more than 100 years to degrade. With 55 bottles can make a green card about 1000 to care for the environment.

Ecocards green cards or are made because every year billions of plastic cards in the world produces undesirable consequences on the environment. Especially now that we are in regard to global warming, trying to reach every person to use such cards as green cards or in telephone cards.

A green card can be added which are also known in many parts of the world as biodegradable cards are made with 99% plastic, or some non-renewable material. It is predicted that in the future will be the everyday Ecocards of those who carry credit cards, for example.


But that benefit may bring, carry a card Ecocard or biodegradable, found out one of the merits is that it is composed of 95% renewable materials, does not generate a highly toxic gas called chlorine gas, recycling is neutral and does not create lengthy volumes. Also, the highest percentage of waste material degrades in environmental compounds. And something that is very important, it can be burned without polluting gas emissions.

Although ecological or Ecocards cards are very useful for the environment and helps to safeguard it, it falls short of that is a PVC card, by the qualities of PVC, especially for the duration. For now, we are trying to get green cards as credit cards but companies are preferring to PVC cards. Mostly, the Ecocards are being used as phone cards or gift cards.

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