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Graphic Design

In Quaronline, we offer the possibility of creating a custom design, based on the backgrounds, logos and images you submit. And printing on both sides and with protective laminate.


To include data on the card are:

  • Texts
  • Numeric values
  • Barcodes
  • Signature panel
  • Photos

We also offer customizable card machine (card printer) or print (matt laminated cards), which allows writing with pen or marker classic fast drying.

What is graphic design? It is the art of drawing on the computer through a system to your card or other things have their own style. There are designs that are customized, and structured, logos, with different images.

For that you must know what is your design, many people draw their design, others put in sketches, or others simply go to the experts to make their design as they want. Make a graphic design for PVC card is certainly a bit complicated because it has to be a design that is related to the brand. Some designs are based on logos for the company's logos are variable and can be played with the background colors, or change in the brand. Others, such as restaurants, need images that you can relate to the client. They are also the famous clubs always have their own designs and can go on the PVC card membership. The clubs may also have a custom design for the partner to identify with the club. Many designs are part of a globally recognized brand. To cite an example that is not only PVC cards, we have the Nike brand, whose design is no longer necessary to put the word because it is widely recognized brand with your design that's all.

Many designs and images are, the client just by seeing the image is correlated with the brand. That happens in the world of brands and designs to allow us to appreciate how important graphic design. In regard to the designs of PVC cards is very likely to recognize the membership of a club just for the logo. In the graphic designs of PVC cards must write the following: text, numeric values, bar code, signature panel and photographs. And above all it will be to design and print on both sides with protective laminate.

Quaronline puts this kind of design your cards, but we also have customized cards that are made through cards or printers that are handmade are matt laminated cards, thanks to this you can write to the card with pen or marker fast drying. We have several designs at your disposal, especially as you want.

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