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Digitization of archives

Tarjeta Sellable

Many companies have accumulated a wealth of information on paper and did not know how to fix this problem until the birth of the computer, the computer then everything was archived on the computer, everything was written in the computer and stored there, however, the papers were piling up of past, contracts or other important papers to be signed were saved and no one knew how to get rid of them. Until the solution appeared to many companies and people: the digitization of archives. Because of this many companies and individuals can have their papers sorted and only print when needed. Nothing more likely that the digitization of files to organize all the papers, but as this process is accomplished. Here I'll explain.




First you must create a digital storage where you can sort all files. File storage is also to be confidential all documents and assured that nothing will be lost, especially companies may have a problem finding a contract, then it will have no problem looking for in storage will find it very fast. Scan the files will take time but it s worth it, even you can not put back up in case he got lost on the same computer, although that would be impossible because everything is set according to how the company wants. For example, the company wants to go all contracts made in the folder of contracts or other important documents sent by another entity, then these shall be stored in the folder important documents.


These files are stored on a DVD where it will all just as the company said. This is the fastest way to find the files, because the DVD will be all available information.


Many people have problems with books at home because they are taking away space, now with the scanning of files, these books can be digitized and put a good deal on a DVD for you to enjoy sitting at your computer and not have to space sacrifice to put these books. The benefits are many to have scanned your files because you do not lose any documents as they will be all on the DVD, security is important so the DVD will be protected by a password which you can just access.



We know how important it is for you to have all your scanned documents in a proper and orderly, that is why in Quarely offer cheaper prices for your convenience.

The cost per page usually ranges from 0.02 up to 0.05 € per page
the destruction of the pages is 0.01 € per page

The price can vary according to the following options:

  • Black and white or color
  • Pay
  • Unclip
  • Order
  • Resolution
  • Indexing
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