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cerradura hotelIs an access management system tailored to the needs of your hotel, through smart cards, proximity or magnetic stripe, which controls the access of employees, guests or any related person, being programmable and configurable through management software at any time access, schedule, levels, etc.. avoiding theft, capital flight, or just to keep stricter control, detailed and near real-time administrative management of the hotel, besides greatly improves the image of modernity, control and security of the hotel, thus providing peace and comfort for their customers.

Hotels always have to have the facility to put locks on their stores, rooms or kitchens where food is very rich snacks for those staying in this place. For that, it is not necessary to have a traditional fastening, which is now very easy that can be opened with a single blow. Are now fashionable new electronic locks.

You can even use this electronic hotel lock to control access to your employees anywhere in the hotel, what time they entered and what time is left with only electronic lock where you would have to pass a chip card detailing the employee's own your code and the system would be their names. Another thing that has to be considered for electronic locks for hotels is to provide greater assurance to customers, because the hotel is being upgraded and thanks to these electronic locks is very difficult to pass someone in the room and that this pass over. This hotel lock, the client will be very pleased to have chosen this hotel as an option to stay, and thanks to the electronic lock will provide security and welfare.

If you are the manager of the hotel, then this will help electronic lock for all, as the hotel management function is to be everywhere and see everything, although you have assistants, electronic lock can help in all cases to know in detail where are your employees. There are several types of electronic locks that can be used for better management of your hotel as dual locks that work only with a chip, chip-card locks, locks with proximity cards that serve to put the card near the fourth , warehouse or any part of the hotel open. They are also intelligent access locks, you are very used to the administrative department of the hotel to check the schedules and detail everything in the hotel employee.

Quaronline offers a variety of ranges of electronic locks and magnetic locks, and dual chips that allow better control of intelligent access to the rooms through magnetic cards or chips. Besides allowing automatic and controlled access to different hotel sites.


  • Dual Locks (chip / magnetic)
  • Locks with chip card
  • Locks with proximity cards
  • Intelligent Access Control
  • Magnetic locks
  • Electronic locks for hotels and offices
  • Digital Locks

Quaronline offers.

  • Magnetic locks, chips and dual
  • Intelligent Access control to rooms through magnetic card or chip, programmable and reusable for both customers and the employees.
  • Effective management of the state of the rooms.
  • Allows automatic and controlled access to different precincts of the hotel
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